• Year Published: 1949.
  • Pages: 268.

1984 Summary of Chapters

The book 1984 was published in the year 1949 and was written by George Orwell. It was originally titled “The Last Man In Europe”. The novel depicts a future where every aspect of life, even peoples’ thoughts, is controlled by a totalitarian state called Oceania. Oceania Is ruled by a group of people called the party. Its leader is a dictator known as Big Brother.
Book 1 Chapter 1-4

Winston Smith is the central character in the novel. He is a 39-year-old man living in London. He secretly loathes the Party and decides to do something about it. He decides to keep a diary where he reveals his thoughts of rebellion. Through keeping the diary, he commits a thought crime and knows that the thought police would probably catch him and kill him. Winston had decided to start the diary after two unexpected people had visited the record where he worked; O’Brien and a girl we later learn is called Julia. Winston hates the girl and suspects her to be working with the thought police but realizes this is just because he is attracted to her, but cannot have her. He saw the hate in O’Brien’s eyes and his hopes that he wasn’t the only one who hate the party were renewed.
Book 1 Chapter 5-8

Winston had lunch with a Comrade Syme who is a genius but too smart for his good. Syme tells him of his ongoing work to revise the eleventh edition of Newspeak dictionary. The brunette co-worker that he hates stares and he gets even more suspicious of her. Winston later writes about sex in his diary. He talks about an encounter with a prostitute in1981 and then of his ended fifteen-month marriage to a brainwashed follower of the party, Catherine. She saw sex as a duty to the party to make baby comrades. The party had banned sex for pleasure. Winston recalls of when he had proof of the party changing history but destroyed it. He late goes for a walk and enters Mr. Carrington’s shop where he bought the diary. He buys a paperweight, and after conversing with Mr. Charrington, he is led to a vacant room upstairs that has no telescreen. He contemplates renting it for its privacy. On his way home he meets the Brunette coworker in party uniform and temporarily considers killing her with the paperweight.
Book 2 Chapter 1-5

Four days later when at work, he encounters the brunette coworker in the hallway. She falls and hurts her arm but manages to pass Winston a scrap of paper with the words “ I love you.” Two days later they are sited together at the canteen and plan to meet among the crowd at Victory Square to hide among crowds. When they do, Winston is given directions to a secret location where they can meet the next Sunday. They meet again as planned in the countryside. The Brunette kissed him and told him her name was Julia. They had sex and she confessed to having sex before with party members. Winston loves her even more as he sees it as a way to rebel against the party. Over the coming weeks, they planned for more meetings. Julia said she was not interested in an organized revolt but was ok with her personal rebelling.Winston later rents the room above Mr. Charrington’s shop for meetings with Julia. Syme finally disappeared as Winston had predicted. He thinks of his impending death due to his illegal affair with Julia.
Book 2 Chapter 6-10

Winston wakes up one morning in the room above Mr. Charington’s shop crying because of bad dreams of the past. He and Julia acknowledge the future possibilities of torture or death if they get caught. They go to O’Brien’s flat and the book describes it as very luxurious. O’Brien turns off the telescreen. This is a privilege allowed to the inner party members. Winston and Julia declare of their intention to join the brotherhood. They converse, and O’Brien puts them to the test on their commitment to the Brotherhood. They are already drunk wine, and after excusing Julia, Winston talks about his hiding place. O’Brien tells him of the Goldstein’s book and would arrange for Winston to have it. After getting it, Winston reads it in his room above Mr. Charrington’s shop. The manifesto traces theories of capitalism, socialism, classism, the necessity of ignorance, poverty, and war. Winston and Julia are surprised to hear a voice behind the picture of St clement’s church hanging on the wall.It turns out it was a dummy for a telescreen. Troops walk in and Winston realizes Mr. Charrington is a member of the thought police.
Book 3 Chapter 1-3

Winston is in a cell now in the Ministry of love. The lights never go off and he does not recognize night from day. All kind of torture is done there to prisoners. O’Brien come in and introduces himself as the chief operator of the ministry of love, Winston is hurt by the betrayal. His physical torture also begins. Ten torture methods later, he breaks and confesses to everything. His sole concern becomes confession to save himself. He is told that Julia betrayed him long ago, but he is concentrating on the pain at hand he doesn’t give a hoot. O’Brien tells him he had been surveying him for seven years as he is strapped to a back breaking machine. He tells him they convert traitors before murdering them so that there are no martyrs. O’Brien reveals a lot of information to Winston. He tells him why the party succeeds and describes to him a picture of the hateful future he sees.
Book 3 Chapter 4-6

After weeks or maybe months, the torture ceases and Winston regains his strength. He tries to make himself try to believe in the party but vows to die hating the Party. Winston reveals this to O’Brien. He is told it’s time for him to visit room 101 since now he must not only obey him but love him. The worst thing in the world was said to be in room 101. The thing depended on the person, and in Winston’s case, it was rats. O’Brien shows him a cage of large mice waiting to gnaw at him and Winston is terrified. He betrays Julia and this is a win for O’Brien. Having no private loyalty meant only party loyalty to big brother existed.Months later, Winston sits at a café where dismissed party members drink. He now accepts all the party says and does. He is content and reminisces about the time in March of 1985 when he had met Julia again, and they had talked about their mutual betrayal. He sees big Brother on the telescreen and is happy over his love for him. He achieved a victory over the traitor he was.

Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and was designed to meet the need of English socialism. Newspeak is designed to remove even possibilities of rebellious thoughts. Words which might be used to express such thoughts have been eliminated from the language. It contains no negative terms. The bulkiness of translation, however, made the party postpone the adoption to 2050.

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