Animal Farm Characters Analysis

Old Major.
Old Major is an old boar. He was once shown as Willingdon Beauty at a past exhibit. Major is always talking about how the evils around were perpetrated by human beings. It is the human’s who cause all of the animals on this farm to rebel. Old Major believes that Animalism is a tyranny that man created. He also believes and teaches the other animals a song. This song is called “Beasts of England”. Old Major is also modeled on Vladimir Ilitch Lenin. The animals all know him to be a very capable orator. He does all he can to stand up for the animals. Sadly, Old Major passes away as he is sleeping. He dies before the rebellion could even happen.

Napoleon is another boar. Only young. Like his friend Snowball, he is a well-respected and valuable leader of rebellion. They are both rebelling against Jones, the owner of the farm. The rebellion soon became incredibly successful. Not long after it reached its success, Napoleon decided to control everything to do with the farm in a systematic way. He had full power. Or so he thought. Until he became known among the animals for being an undisputed tyrant. During Snowball’s studies, Napoleon does all he can to train a number of dogs. He wants these dogs to become a secret police force for him. Napoleon is also in regular communication with a man named Joseph Stalin. It is he who caused a number of unimaginable disasters.

Snowball is also a young boar. He eventually climbs up the ladder of rebellion. Over the years he becomes very well known among all of the animals. They all value him very highly. Snowball comes up with some cunning plans to build a windmill. However, Napoleon’s dogs scare him off the farm. He is too far too scared to return to the farm to do his work. Sadly, many decide to use him as a scapegoat. Many assume that he caused all of the trouble that was happening to the animals. Snowball also wrote the Seven Commandments. All of these commandments were placed onto the wall in the farm’s barnyard for all to see. He also reads many books that Jones the owner left behind after his death. He read them to see if he could learn anything from them and apply things to his life and situation.


Boxer is a horse. But not just any horse. He is a cart horse. Boxer rarely stops working and works as hard as he possibly can. Many know him to be somewhat dimwitted. His role is to help out with the building with the windmill. However, before he knows it, he is sold. A glue-boiler bought him at a very high price. The glue-boiler forces him to work so hard that he ends up collapsing because he is so exhausted from his labor. However, Squealer made sure that others thought he was sent off to a hospital instead. The motto’s that Boxer lived by were: “I will always work harder” and “Napoleon is always, always right”. Benjamin was one of Boxer’s very good friends.

Secondary Characters

  1. Mr Jones
  2. Squealer
  3. Benjamin
  4. Mr. Pilkington
  5. Mr. Frederick
  6. Mr. Whymper
  7. Clover
  8. Mollie
  9. Moses
  10. Muriel

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