Animal Farm Literary Analysis

This literature book was written by George Orwell and was published in the year
1946. The story falls underlie, destruction deceit lost hope and false
promises. Not forgetting the power of persuasive speech or propaganda. Animal
farm novel relates to Russia economic depression, dictatorship and the ultimate
irony of it. The event was surrounding the revolution of Russian in 1917.
Animals from Manor farm overthrow human master after mistreatment. Led by the
pigs, all other farm animals continued to work with pride knowing that they are
working for themselves, as opposed earlier they were working for humans.

The following part will look at the metaphors which are found in the book:

Farmhouse Jones’ farmhouse signifies the place where greed and desire dictate. Contrary
to the restriction, which is the stronghold of the man idea of socialism, the
house is where the pigs led by Napoleon took over, represent the Kremlin. Even at present, the Kremlin is a significant place to Russians, who, in its place of acceptance Marxism, have formed their
hazy personal outlook of communism.

Animalism: It’s not clear but it referred to
the notion of animalism and was used by Orwell to suggest the common analysis
of socialism. It was first explained by
Karl Marx but Orwell’s belief was undeveloped in an idea. His values would work. Orwell, even if approving with the general idea of fairness though socialism, Marx did not realize that greed and envy would cause any problem in future

Gun or Flag: Is the most thoughtful metaphor.
The idea of having gun and flag on the farm as human. All the animals ended
worshiping the flag; The parade increased where all animals were supposed to
worship the flag leading to Napoleon’s absolute rule. Orwell pointed out that as opposed to Marx’s
creative concept of liberty from beginning to end of equality, Stalin judge
that unfairness among nations was the key to success

The gun
symbolizes the winning however brutality ridden to overthrow Mr. Jones in the
fight of the Cowshed. Still contrasting Marx’s principle that revolution is to be achieved through integrity, virtue,
and submissive fortitude, Napoleon with Snowball go up to authority too early
by killing and demolition, proving themselves to be superior to Jones.

Battle of Cowshed: this intended to overthrow Russian
administration founded on czars as seen in soviet during the world war 1 and
finally led to the coming of Lenin and Stalin. The violence used was not disregard by Marx neither by Orwell, and both of the believed in pacifism.

Sugar candy Mountain: Orwell used this to represent the religious notion of paradise. Actually, the house of worship is condemned in Farm since it is the establishment that motivates them to labor using dishonesty and
exploitation. It’s worrying to a lot of animals that Orwell consideration of the house of worship in such a pessimistic

Milk: Orwell mentioned milk to stand for the love of the mothers giving to their children. Napoleon took milk for self and also took for other pigs thus he was stealing the central part and gave to the pigs.

Alcohol: Used to symbolize the Old Russia. He noted that the reason why Jones lost the farm because of alcohol. It represented a corrupt administration But it’s finally this taking of alcohol which wreck and direct to the usual fall down of this organization. Jones lost authority because he was a lazy and drunk even Napoleon finally will be overthrown because of the same cause of alcohol.

Windmill: It symbolizes Soviet industry. the windmill was shattered
more than a few times before completion and symbolize communists in Russia got
during the set up of their guard manufacture business. Eventually Russian
business did steady, even though the lack of safety This permitted them to
place the primary satellite, Sputnik I, ahead of United States.

Sarcastically, Orwell didn’t put pen to paper the last fall down of windmill, which symbolized
the U.S.S.R.’s collapse in the war. In 1990, the Communist government of
Russian ended because of lack of money. Orwell predicted that there would be a
rebellion future on the farm as well in Russia

In winding up, Orwell used images and made his argument stronger. Also used events and
helped readers to know his thoughts. While analysis, they build up a feeling of
sadness inside getting attach emotionally to the story. Napoleon kills anyone
who is alleged to be unfaithful it is obvious that George Orwell planned his
novel to metaphorically represent the information and events of the Russian
Revolution. Animal Farm creates a deep statement concerning the abuse of
authority. The animals embark on their rebellion with the paramount intentions

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