Canterbury Tales Characters

The Pardoner
The Pardoner is the multifaceted of all the pilgrims. He is looking and carrying on like a ladies or young lady and indecently improper man. He is an insightfulness and utilizations progressed mental intends to pick up his goal. The Pardoner is strongly self-hatred yet dedicated to his errand of cheating individuals of their cash by making them believe that they have trespassed and need to purchase pardons. His story is a purposeful anecdote about three agitators who discover demise through their voracity. The Pardoner utilizes this story as an endeavor to pitch exonerations to the organization, however, is quieted by the Host.

The Wife of Bath
Bath is not the name of Lady’s Husband but it is the name of a town on the Avon River. In spite of the fact that she is a sewer by occupation, she is by all accounts an expert spouse. She has been She has been married five times and had numerous other illicit relationships in her childhood, making her very much rehearsed in the craft of adoration. She additionally enjoys rich clothing, talking, and contending. She is hard of hearing in one ear and has a hole between her front teeth, which was viewed as alluring in Chaucer’s opportunity. She has set out on journeys to Jerusalem three circumstances and somewhere else in Europe also. However, her story, which bases on the question “what do ladies need?” advances her view that ladies wish to have superiority over men.

The Narrator
The narrator (Chaucer) makes it very obvious that he is likewise a character in his book. Despite the fact that he is called Chaucer, we ought to be careful about tolerating his words and sentiments as Chaucer’s own. In the General Prologue, the storyteller presents himself as a gregarious and innocent character. Later on, the Host blames him for being noiseless and morose. Since the storyteller records his impressions of the explorers from memory, whom he does and dislikes, and what he picks and picks not to recollect about the characters. However, he is not at first getting ready to go on the journey, in the wake of portraying every one of the pioneers, he chooses to join the happy organization on their journey.

The Knight
The principal traveler Chaucer portrays in the General Prologue and the teller of the main story. The Knight is an honorable man who battles for truth and for Christ as opposed to for his own particular eminence or riches. He has gone all through numerous pagan grounds successfully. The Knight is one of only a handful few characters whom Chaucer adulates wholeheartedly: he is an honest to goodness case of the most astounding request of gallantry.

The Miller
The Miller A failed, brash, and obscene man. He has a wart on his nose and a noteworthy mouth, both really and figuratively. He inconsiderately meddles with the Host, asks for that his story is next and alerts everyone that his tale about a carpenter will be foul since it is substantial. He’s a champion wrestler, a hoodlum as Chaucer says that he takes corn from his supervisors and something of a lavish.

Secondary Characters

  • The Prioress
  • The Monk
  • The Friar
  • The Summoner
  • The Host
  • The Parson
  • The Squire
  • The Clerk
  • The Man of Law
  • The Manciple
  • The Franklin
  • The Reeve
  • The Plowman
  • The Guildsmen
  • The Cook
  • The Yeoman
  • The Second Nun
  • The Nun’s Priest

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