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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Summary

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame takes place during a Festival in Paris. This Festival was called the Festival’s of Fools that took place during the year 1482. The hunchback’s name was Quasimodo because he was chosen to be the Pope of Fools. He was given this title because he was the ugliest person throughout the whole of Paris.

Quasimodo was placed onto a throne. He then showed himself off around the city of Paris. Whilst he was doing this the crowd around him jeered at him.

As the crowd is jeering at him, a man named Pierre Gringoire, did his very best to convince the people of Paris to view his play. He wanted them to watch his play, not Quasimodo. Pierre was a known philosopher and poet who had had a difficult life.

While this is going on, Archdeacon Claude Frollo comes onto the scene. He manages to stop Quasimodo and convinces him to go back to the city of Notre Dame with him.

As Gringoire was in search for some food, he takes some time to view the beautiful La Esmeralda. La Esmeralda is a gypsy street dancer. He enjoyed watching her so much that he took the opportunity to follow her to her home. Soon after they leave, Gringoire sees that she is attacked by Frollo and Quasimodo. He gets in very quickly to assist her but Quasimodo hits him and knocks him unconscious. As Quasimodo does this, Frollo runs off as quickly as he can.

Before they know it, The King’s Archers appear out of nowhere and take the opportunity to capture the hunchback. As the night goes on, some thieves and beggars decide to hang Gringoire. They do this as soon as La Esmeralda decides to save him. She offers to ‘marry’ Gringoire for a certain period of time.

Twenty four hours later, Quasimodo is put on trial. He was given his sentence of a couple of hours of torture. This torture took place in Place de Greve. He he pulled apart and stretched. He is also humiliated by those around him. Those who despised him simply because he was ugly.

He asks people for some water. But no one helps him. It was only when La Esmeralda arrives onto the scene who gave him some water.

Not far from here, Sister Gudule, screamed as loudly as possible at La Esmeralda. She does this because she thought she was a thief. She makes the assumption that she kidnapped her daughter fifteen years ago.

La Esmeralda was also tortured. She pretended that she killed Phoebus. She also pretended that she was once a witch. La Esmeralda was sentenced. She would be hanged in Palace de Greve. However, before she knows it, Frollo comes to see her. He tells her how much he loves her. He does all he can to get her to love him in return and begs for pity. Yet, she smartly called him a murderer and did not want to see him ever again.
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