Beast Allusions of the Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau’ is a sci-fi novel written by H.G.Wells, a famous English writer, in 1896. H. W. Wells, called often as a father of science fiction, was a good specialist in biology, and it is not surprising that one of his best works was closely connected with the biology of beasts and human ethnic aspects.

This outstanding novel of H. W. Wells is full of hyperbolized allusions. Allusion, as we know, is a stylistic figure of speech, meaning or hinting at some object or situation from the outside context. Literary allusions are close to various types of parody.

In our opinion, almost all personages from the shocking island of Dr. Moreau bring some kinds of allusions. First of all, it relates to Beast Folk. The sharp contrast between these half animal and half humanoid creatures, who had some human, as well as animal features, and civilized people with high ethic standards, such as main hero Edward Prendick, makes an allusion to the fact that people who follow just only low instincts, without high morale, turn into Beast folk, who ignore any norms of the civilized society, and prefer to act according to jungle laws, the laws of animal survival so far.

Hyena –swine. Among the brightest figures from Beast Folk, we can single out this being, a hybrid of hyena and swine, made by Doctor Moreau, who chased Edward Prendick and tried to kill him. Even the name of this creature makes an allusion on those people who live according to two main instincts – the eating food instinct, like a swine, and the instinct of killing or suppressing the weak creatures, like a hyena.

Fox –Bear Witch, the creature, composed of a smart fox and rude bear, passionately supports the law on the island. On the other hand, she resembles those people, who put on the mask of law-abiding people, like well-disguised hypocrites, but at any moment, ready to use their evil smartness and power to get some benefits, from naïve people surrounding them.

Leopard-man is the rebel hybrid, which unites the features of a human and a leopard. He breaks any laws of the island, prescribed by Dr. Monroe. He runs like an animal on four limbs, he crushes trees and behaves in an outrageous way. In such a way, he resembles those people who can not curb their berserk type aggression, and who could be stopped just only by Grim Reaper. Edward Prendick did what was obliged to do. He killed this creature much to the irritation of Dr. Monroe.

Summary. The animal allusions of H. W. Wells were strengthened and interpreted from the socio-political angle of view in the second outstanding novel of such type, written by G. Orwell, and entitled as Animal Planet’. In both cases, the allusions on the beast behavior of people, suffering from the lack of high moral norms, are powerful and impressive. So, the key idea of the Island of Dr. Monroe’ could be expressed in the following way, “People of the world! Don`t be beasts! Stay human!”

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