Lolita Symbols

Lolita is one of the best and most interesting novels that has stood the test of time in terms of its popularity among readers. It was published in 1955 by Vladimir Nabokov one of the top Russian-American novelist. Here are some Lolita symbols.

The Enchanted Hunters

The enchanted hunters refer to the name of the motel that Lolita was raped by Humbert. This is also the title of Quilty’s play. Enchanted hunter image acts as the symbol for pedophiles such as Humbert and Quilty. They are referred as hunters in Lolita because they have the habit of chasing little girls without any control. On the other hand, they are referred as enchanted because all their desires have ended up warping all their imaginations. These desires that have taken full control of their lives also prevent them from having the true picture of the reality. This means that in their lives they just live in imaginations or through appearances.


This is the term that Humbert uses in the description of the type of little girls he is sexually attracted to. Nymphets are supposed to be very charming and very mischievous. In addition, they are supposed to demonstrate elusive combinations of eerie vulgarity and tenderness. As Humbert imagines about nymphets, he makes use of imagery from the natural world, folklore and classical mythology. Mists, forests, trees and beaches are the true symbols of nymphetry and nymphets. For men who are almost the similar to nymphets, Humbert makes use of the world Faunlet. In this novel, Lolita is the top Nymphet in the life and imagination in Humbert’s life.

Motels and Rented Houses

As you read Lolita, you will realize that all the residences are temporary. First, Humbert is born in a hotel, then spends his life in Ramsdale, but never settled down in Beardsley. He then spends many years of his life in many motels and inns located on the roadside. This is the same case with Lolita, who did not live in the home she was born. She moved to Ramsdale where they met with Humbert Humbert. The motels as depicted in the novel depict the emotional homelessness of the top characters in this novel. It is worth noting that none of the major characters in Lolita have a family. In addition, they do not have any deep roots in any place. This is the actual symbol of rented house and motels that are not a permanent residence for people.


This is one of the major symbols depicted in Lolita. When Annabel and Humbert want to have sex escapade in the beachside cave issues arise that there is someone who has lost sunglasses. After sometimes Lolita is seen wearing glasses by Humbert. The doubled sunglasses signify the great importance of the connection that exists between Lolita and Annabel. However, there is no such real connection in the real sense. This is a relationship that only exists in Humbert’s imagination.

Freudian Symbols

When you go through the novel you will realize that Lolita is taking a lot of fun regarding Freudian Psychoanalysis. Freud is one of the most recognized psychologists known for coming up with this psychoanalysis theory that is applied even today by counselors. Humbert refers Freud as just a Viennese medicine man. He talks about things that all those who adhere to the Freud theory would call vital psychic symbol. Humber does not do this because he is in agreement with the same, but this is a way of making fun. Loita contains a lot of Freudian symbols including guns that are associated with male genital organs. However, even if the guns are compared to the male genital organs they do not play their usual function. He uses them to symbolize nothing other than just making fun of Freud.

342, 42 and 52

Lolita also uses numbers 342, 42 and 52 as symbols. These numbers occur several times in the novel. 342 law avenue refers to the address of the Haze house found in Ramsdale. 42 refer to the number found in the enchanted Hunters where Lolita was raped by Humbert. This is also a symbol that shows the years when Humbert passed away. The number 52 also occurs several times in Lolita. All the top characters in this book died in 1952. Clare Quilty also makes the claim that had written 52 plays. On the other hand, there are 52 cards in the deck. Note that a deck of cards is referred to as a symbol depicting fate. In actual terms, these numbers do not have the real meaning that symbols give. However, in Lolita, the numbers suggest a mystical pattern that is the basis of the plot in this novel.

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