The Martian Chronicles Allusions

An allusion, within a text, is defined as something to call something to mind without having to write it out. We see this a lot in many of our favorite novels. The Martian Chronicles is one of those texts that has quite a few. The Martian Chronicles allusions have become one of the most discussed in scholarly debates as well as amongst other reader types.

The Martian Chronicles is a sci-fiction novel written by Ray Bradbury. It covers that of colonizing Mars and how man sustains it. These new colonists are met by aliens who were basically the first settlers.

Why was Mars picked rather than the other planets? Most readers feel that Mars was chosen because it carries a strange eeriness about it. Mars has always been known, in movies and television, as a planet where Martians inhabit.

Mas is also used because it is fantasy like. Most of us know what the atmosphere is like there, as it is almost impossible for man to settle on the planet. Territory and culture play major roles in defining allusion in the text.

The journey that it took for the men to get to Mars is also a Martian Chronicles allusion that many can see but not read. The journey, as mankind has gone on since the beginning of time, is a journey that we must all take in order to find the best fit for each of us.

Beauty is also an allusion that’s very prevalent in the novel. Mother Nature is responsible for the creation of most of the beauty of this world, but we are not aware of the beauty that lies outside of our solar system.

We associate flowers, mountains, water, and trees with beauty. Most of us do not see this with planets as we take our own for granted. Most of us only get the chance to see planets in school books and in movies not up close like the main characters do.

This is how talented and creative writing makes the readers feel. With better writing styles, we can see things that are not written. Bradbury was one of those authors who could do just that. He had a magical way of creating something foreign to his readers.

The “foreign” concept is another tone within the novel that a lot of readers witness. Martians are foreign to us on earth, but humans, in this novel are the ones who are foreign. Being a foreigner in a foreign land can be frightening.

Emotions are used to create images in most novels. Authors do this to capture their audience attention. For example, colors are used to portray emotions such as red. Red is a symbol which can define death or anger.

The same goes for blue. Blue is a beautiful color which can be used to define the sky, but it can also be made to show how one feels. If someone gets the blues, they are down. Blue can also have a positive notation as well.

Allusions are created in texts as creative tools. The Martian Chronicles allusions are used to describe without having to write them out. This creates an interesting story that keeps the reader’s attention as opposed to boring them.

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