All Quiet on the Western Front Symbols

Symbolism is one of the different ways used to identify and reference technical entities. In All Quiet on the Western Front, the author takes up the use of symbols to steer the readers on understanding the events of the war. So many things have been used to represent and show the author means. The book entails much of the referents and below are the major indices used in the book and their significance.
The tree of cherry

The cherry tree in the book shows and reminds of the beautiful cherry orchard farm. The tree acted as a referent on the reference of war by the lives of all the men or rather the fighters had given up while on the war. Their lives had just begun to blossom when it was put to an abrupt end due to the effects of the war.

Food is an essential part of every living individual. People need food in order to continue living. In the author’s book, food symbolizes the soldier’s survival, this is because for them to have energy and continue fighting they had to eat to survive and avoid dying of hunger. Their unity is referenced through their constant sharing of the rationed food in the front which was due to the supply shortage. It symbolized their togetherness although the extra rationing of food came about due to the loss of their other soldiers who were wounded or killed during the war.
The boots of Franz Kemmerich

The boots were always channeled from one fighter to another. For instance, Kimmerich passed them to Franz Miller and Paul Baumer got them from Miller. In this instance, the boots referenced the continuity of life since they were believed to outlive those who wore them. Although some of the soldiers died in the war, there was the need for the others to live on and fight, their death did not mean the war had come to an end. The transfer of the boots from one soldier to another represented the continuity of life basing the fact that they were passed to another soldier after the wearer succumbed to death.
The butterfly symbol

Nature in the book All Quiet on the Western Front has been indexed by the use of butterflies. In the book, the butterflies are seen to be very tiny and thin making it scary and fearful to hold or touch them. These butterflies represent the brittle and fragile life of the human beings. In the book, the writer tries to bring out how the loss of the lives of people more especially the fighters life had no significant meaning or any out most importance to the world. Apart from this negative symbolism, the butterflies also symbolized a positive part of the war that is although the war was still on, the butterflies icon the beautiful continuity of nature. In the book, the small beautiful creatures signify hope. They give hope to the fighters through a sense of believing that there are still good things that exist in life.
Clothes as a symbol

The clothing of the fighters or the soldiers were also a significant symbolism. The clothing symbolized one of the basic needs of human beings. The soldier’s uniforms icon the fighters importance in the military, through the uniforms they saw the purpose not to lose hope and fight on. On a more distinct way, the uniforms represented protection for the fighters. They mainly reflected who they were which is fighters.
There are so many symbols used in the novel. The use of symbols in the novel helps to avoid the tedious exercise of giving a vivid description of things and what they mean. This is because the use of symbols takes the initiative to represent a more clear and direct icon that help the readers to understand what the author means.The above-discussed indices represent the major symbols and what they symbolized. It is important to note that the main symbols in novel include; the butterflies, the clothes more especially the uniforms worn by the soldiers, the food that was shared among the fighters, the Kemmerich’s boots that used to be passed from one soldier to another and the tree of cherry that reminded the start of the soldiers blossoming lives that were put to an abrupt end.

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