Billiards at Half Past Nine Quotes

Feelings can kill such good hard things as love and hate.

Obviously you’re all quite used to the faces. But I’m beginning to wish I were back among my poor old harmless lunatics. Are you all blind, then? So easily fooled? Don’t you see they’d kill you all for less than a gesture, for less than a sandwich? You needn’t even be dark-haired or blond anymore, or show your grandmother’s birth certificate. They’d kill you if they just didn’t like your faces. Didn’t you see the posters on the wall? Are you blind? You just don’t know anymore where you are … Respectable, respectable. I’m scared, old man– I’ve never felt such a stranger among people, not even in 1935 and not in 1942. Maybe I do need time, but even centuries wouldn’t be enough to get me used to their faces. Respectable, respectable, without a trace of grief. What’s a human being without grief?.

No, I think I just wanted to laugh at them and tell them at the end: it wasn’t really serious..

I’ll give that boy the farm Heinrich couldn’t take. Write me his name and address on a coaster. All the most important messages are sent on beer mats….