• Year Published: 1876.
  • Pages: 229.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Summary

Tom Sawyer is one of those special stories and pieces of literature that can easily get the reader engaged with it. You may get involved with such a unique story about the brave and exceptionally smart Tom Sawyer who was also known for being a great friend.

Of course, since Tom Sawyer was an adventure lover by nature it is easy to find out that the main topics were: friendship, love, bravery, adventure and a very strong sense of freedom.

Tom Sawyer, a troublemaker child by nature, used to live with Polly who was her aunt. The problem was of course that Tom was a very rebellious kind of child and the other relative that is mentioned to live with him is his brother Sid.

He used to fish after playing hooky which was among his favorites activities. This fellow never liked Mondays because he knew that school would start again and among what he considered to be the most boring ones was his teacher.

The little courageous man from Missouri is a particular character that holds not only a really impressive intelligence but also a great determination to do anything that he needed.

Tom Sawyer got in love with Becky Thatcher and he was a clear example of what first-sight love means. Since it was meaningful for him, Tom Sawyer gave his doorknob to Becky as a token of his appreciation and sympathy for her.

The same day of loving somebody he saw something crude enough as well. At night, Tom was able to see with his own eyes when Muff Potter, Dr. Robinson, and Injune Joe were actually stealing graves. For sure a story full of different episodes at the same time that Tom Sawyers adventures unfold.

Among the strongest scenes of this book, there was the assassination of Dr. Robinson by Injune Joe. Not criminally enough, Joe put the knife on the hand of Muff Potter while not having any consciousness in order to avoid justice issues. Maybe the most unfair part of the situation was that when Muff Potter woke up, he naturally thought that he was the murderer

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