• Year Published: 1939.
  • Pages: 464.

The Grapes of Wrath Summary

The story happened during the year 1930s, also known as the Dust Bowl. This period is marked by intense drought and soil erosion along with damaging dust storms and terrible weather in Oklahoma. This period of Great Depression marks an era of strife, hardships, and poverty. Grapes of Wrath tells the life of Tom Joad and his family, along with thousands of migrant laborers seeking better lives in the West.

After he was released from prison, Tom Joad meets a man named Jim Casy, who was formerly a preacher. The two set out on their way to Tom’s family, who were planning on moving to California to seek a better life. Casy accompanies the entire Joad clan during their journey which was marked by terrible events and tragedies.

Grandpa Joad died just right after the clan set out on their travel. Along the way, they met the Wilsons who were also experiencing the same problem as everyone else. The two families made their way towards California, only to be disappointed and mislead by a couple of false advertisements meant to drive in thousands of workers in the city.

Upon arriving at the first camp, Grandma Joad fell ill and eventually died. Traveling to another settlement, the Joads and Jim Casey experience oppression from police officers and fellow migrants as well as maltreatment of laborers. A certain day came when a fight broke up with the sheriff and some of the workers over the plan of organizing a union. In order to save Tom from being sent back to prison, Casy took the blame for the fight and was eventually

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