• Year Published: 1960.
  • Pages: 281.

To Kill Mockingbird Summary

This amazing book is primarily a novel about growing up in 1930 under extraordinary circumstances in the US. This takes place in Alabama during depression and is narrated by Jean Louise Scout a little girl. This books spans three years during which it experiences significant character changes. The narrator Jean Louise lives with her father and brother in a town called Maycomb in Alabama. This is a small close nit town where everybody has its own social station depending on who their parents are and where they stay. With the help of some neighbors and a black house help called Calpurnia, Atticus raises his children alone. Jean and her brother Jem understand the complexities of their town and neighborhood. The only neighbor who amazes them is Arthur Radley nicknamed Boo since he never comes out of his house.

The Children Curiosity of Mr. Boo

The children became curious and wanted to know more about Boo hence one day they created a drama which they enacted daily which explains the events of his life. Gradually they started moving towards his house which people believed was haunted. While they started leaving for him notes they are caught by Atticus who punishes them for making fun of his life. Boo’s brother fires a gun after he thinks he hears prowler. During this time the children escapes but Jem losses his pants. When he returns, he found them neatly folded. Scout is actually a tomboy who prefers the company of boys to girls.

Midway through the story he realizes that their father is going to represent someone who has been accused of beating and raping a white woman. Because of their father’s role they have to tolerate a barrage of insults and racial slurs. During this time, it was hard for her to restrain herself from fighting other children. This act later gets her into trouble with her uncle Jack and aunt Alexandra. After destroying a neighbor’s plants, Jem is sentenced to read for her for one month. As the trial draws near their aunt came to live with them with the pretense that she will be providing feminine influence to Jean.

Trial of Mr Tom

Jean’s aunt is not only proper but old

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