Main Characters Analysis

Guy Montag

Montag plays the role of a protagonist in the novel Fahrenheit 451. He is a fireman who has the job of burning books and the houses where they are kept illegally. He has been doing this job for more than 30 years. He never put a thought on whether he is happy with his life or not until his neighbor Clarisse asked him, “Are you happy?” This question made him curious and he began to have a different kind of thoughts in his mind which consequently made him go against the rules of the society. He realizes that people live to get entertained and this is the reason for the world getting wasted. He peculiarly forms good relations with anyone who appears to provide a true friendship experience. This is how Montag meets Professor Faber who is regarded as a man of books who Montag met once in the past, for assistance in his pursuit of knowledge.

Clarisse McClellan

Clarisse is a strange young girl who lives right next to the home of Montag. Having the age of seventeen, she provokes the curiosity in Montag to discover the beauty of the world. Because of her peculiar habits, such as playing with flowers, hiking and asking too many questions, she is rejected by the society. However, she and her family seem to get along with each other pretty well. She plays the role of inspiring Montag to reflect over his life and ask himself whether he is happy with his life or not.


Beatty plays the role of antagonist in the novel. He is the captain of the fire department where Montag works. Despite the fact that he is a literate person, he has a personal grudge with books and people who enjoy reading them. He has a brilliant mindset and is so clever that he is able to read Montag’s mind. Beatty has a complex character because he quickly becomes the opposite of what he initially represents. Beatty occasionally tries to divert Montag’s mind from the appeal of books.

Mildred Montag

Mildred is the wife of the protagonist, the only unique character who is unable to resolve the problems faced by herself. She completely indulges herself in watching the television and constantly rejects her husband’s proposal to talk about their marriage. Mildred attempting a suicide in the novel clarifies that she is tormented with pain.

Professor Faber

Faber is the former English professor and Montag met him a long time ago in a park. Montag considers Faber as his mentor, educating him about the significance of books. Sometimes Faber attempts to guide Montag to think independently while other times, he tends to dictate him. Likewise, he can sometimes prove to be heroic while other times he is just a coward. Faber held himself responsible for being a coward, but later he demonstrates a great amount of courage through his actions.


Granger appears at the end of the novel. He serves as the head of the movement called, “Book people” which was joined by Montag. He has an impressive amount of general knowledge about the world and also possesses the deep knowledge of Literature. Granger is patient, intelligent, and confident in the power of the human spirit. His main purpose in life is to preserve the traditional knowledge.


Secondary Characters List

  • Mrs. Phelps
  • Mrs. Bowels
  • Stoneman
  • Black
  • Fred Clement,
  • Dr. Simmons,
  • Professor West
  • Reverend Padover,
  • Harris in Youngstown

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