• Year Published: 1952.
  • Pages: 127.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary

Written by Earnest Hemingway in the year 1951, The Old Man and the Sea is a story of persistence, failure, and self-redemption.

This famous fiction novel begins with the story of an old man by the name of Santiago. Despite being an old fisherman, he was considered unlucky by most people in his village because he was not able to catch a single fish for 84 days.

When he was younger, Santiago used to train a little boy by the name of Manolin. He taught the boy how to fish at a young age and the two grew closer together. Every night Manolin would go to Santiago’s place to exchange conversations as well as bring food for the old man.

The next day, Santiago ventures out into the deeper waters of the Gulf Stream.He bids the little boy goodbye before he left. To end his unlucky streak, he was rewarded by catching a very big marlin.

Due to its size, the old man had great difficulty hauling the fish into his boat. Ironically, the fish pulled Santiago’s line and there was a non-ending struggle that lasted for two days. Not giving up, Santiago praised the marlin’s great strength and formidable will for not conceding when he tried to pull his line in.

On the 3rd day, the fish proceeded to circle Santiago’s boat until the fisherman was able to get closer and eventually stab the marlin with the use of his harpoon. Thinking about how he would redeem himself once the villagers would see him with his catch, Santiago proceeded his cheerful way home after securing

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