Main characters from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


In the novel, Quasimodo is an abandoned child is adopted by Claude Frollo. Being so much deformed he has a hunchback, a giant wart, and protrusion originating from his chest. While he is also deaf he has a pure heart which is linked to the cathedral. His adoration for Notre Dame Bells and the beautiful sound of the ringing is a sign of his own communication. This is why the whole of Paris enjoy his singing while at the same time detesting him because he is ugly. His names mean a half made. There is something about him that’s so appealing to people. The defining feature about him is his own ugliness. He has a face that even his mother cannot love.


Being the lost daughter of Sister Gudulu Esmeralda is a beautiful street dancer. Together with her goat Djali she amuses everyone whom she meets with her major tricks and stunning looks. She has an amulet and trinkets tied around her neck to assist her look for parents. As a character in the novel, she has one of the most interesting names. She does not even know the origin of her name. She is yet to find out why she was named like that as a child. She believes that her name came from an amulet. Although she has a passionate soul, she is misled by her love for Phoebus. Later on, she is sentenced for what she did not commit, rescued and then led back to her death by the priest.

Claude Frollo

As a priest in the novel, Сlaude is an antagonist. However, he is not a bad character who is bent on causing suffering, but rather very bright and passionate. He adores Jehan his brother and does all he can make him happy after the death of his parents. He also extends the same to Quasimodo showing him how to write. Unfortunately, Jehan uses all his cash and neglects his reading. Quasimodo’s deafness makes it very hard for him to learn anything. His obsessiveness with Esmeralda causes her and Quasimodo to be tortured. The more he tries to make her love him the more he causes her pain.

Pierre Gringoire

Being a struggling philosopher and playwright, Esmeralda saves Pierre from being hanged and agrees to marry him for sometime. He later on joined those who wanted to hang him and helps Frollo to hand Esmeralda to the authorities. After leaving her with Frollo he hands her over to the police. His attachment to Esmeralda’s goat is also a bit unnatural. He loves his pet just like anybody else but when he starts comparing its figure with that of Esmeralda he put a lot of question marks on people’s faces.


Phoebus is the captain of the king Archers and he saves Esmeralda from Quasimodo. While he does not love her he tries to seduce her together with other women. Frollo then stabs her and he is left for the dead. Although he recovers he fails to say anything when Esmeralda is sentenced to death. When Esmeralda is arrested wrongly, he fails to tell the truth so as to help her. He just reverts to his own life and leaves Esmeralda to die her own death.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Secondary Characters List

  • Jehan du Moulin
  • The Sack Woman
  • Djali
  • Clopin Trouillefou
  • Fleur-de-Lis
  • Jacques Charmolue
  • Louis XI

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