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Waiting for Godot Summary

Waiting for Godot is a play. The play is about a couple of men. These men’s names are Estragon and Vladimir. They both communicate with each other on a regular basis. They are always talking about a wide range of topics together. As they discuss these interesting topics, they soon tell each other that they are waiting for another man. This man’s name is Godot. They did not realize they were waiting for the same man until they told each other.
As Estragon and Vladimir continue to wait for Godot to arrive, a couple of new men arrive on the scene. Their names are Pozzo and Lucky. Pozzo and Lucky are both going to the market. They are going to the market because they want to try and sell the slave that they have had for years but were never happy with. On their way to the market, they run into Estragon and Vladimir. They manage to keep Estragon and Vladimir occupied for quite some time by their thinking and dancing. Both Estragon and Vladimir enjoy their thinking and dancing and appreciate it very much.
Once their dancing and thinking was over, Pozzo and Lucky continue their long journey to the market. In the meantime, a boy soon comes across Estragon and Vladimir. He informs them that he is Godot’s messenger. He informs Estragon and Vladimir that Godot is unable to see them this evening. However, the boy assures Estragon and Vladimir that he will come and visit them at some stage tomorrow. The boy is then questioned by Vladimir. The boy answers these questions well and then makes his way back to Godot. Once the boy has gone, Estragon and Vladimir decided it was best that they should go too. But they did not want to go until the curtain was let down at the end of the play.

The following evening, Estragon and Vladimir decided it was time for them to return to the same location they were in the night before. Both of these men decided they should wait close to the tree where they were the previous night. They hoped that Godot would meet with them there. However, Pozzo and Lucky also return. This time, Estragon and Vladimir notice that Lucky is dumb, and Pozzo is blind. Pozzo had completely forgotten that he had run into Estragon and Vladimir the previous night. So Pozzo and Lucky continued on. Meanwhile, Estragon and Vladimir kept on waiting. They really were very keen to see Godot themselves and have a bit of time with him. Even for just a few minutes.

As Estragon and Vladimir continue to wait, the same boy from the previous evening returned to them. The boy informed them again that Godot is not going to see them. The boy went on to tell them that Godot really did not want to talk to Vladimir at all. So, as the boy leaves, Vladimir and Estragon also decide to leave. However, they did not want to leave until they had seen the conclusion of the play.

Waiting for Godot Themes

  1. Hope
  2. Nothingness
  3. Absurdity
  4. Religion
  5. Loneliness
  6. Existentialism
  7. Suffering
  8. Death
  9. Time
  10. Choice
  11. Friendship
  12. Truth
  13. Identity
  14. Power

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