• Year Published: 1862.
  • Pages: 226.

Fathers And Sons Summary of Chapters

Chapters 1 – 5

In these chapters, we see a man and his servant waiting for the man’s son to arrive in their home. His son has recently completed his University studies. The man’s name is Nikolai, and his servant’s name is Piotr. Nikolai is a landlord. He owns a very modern and luxurious estate. He is married to the daughter of his own landlord.
Nikolai’s son brings a friend from University home with him. His name is Bazarov. The son’s name is Arkady. Arkady’s father is more than happy to welcome his son’s friend home. They head to Nikolai’s farm. They talk about what has been going on at home whilst Arkady has been at University. It is clear that Nikolai loves his farm very much but as they arrive, Arkady sees that it has become a wreck.

At the farm, they are greeted by Prokofitch. He is Nikolai’s servant. All of the men have a meal together before the young boys go to their rooms. As soon as everyone has gone, Bazarov decides to mock the servant. He discovers that the servant has been very affected by living in the country. Yet, Nikolai is well liked.

The following day, Bazarov woke up very early. He decided to go in search of some frogs. He wanted to get some frogs for some scientific experiments he wanted to do. But he soon discovers just how badly wrecked the farm has become. Meanwhile, Arkady is asked about his friend. His friend is known as a nihilist which surprises Nikolai and his servant. They did not know what this meant. A lady named Fenichka appears on the scene to give them some cocoa. She is very good looking but finds it difficult to be around other people.

Chapters 6 – 10

In Chapters Six to Ten we see Bazarov joining everyone else for the meal. Bazarov is thoroughly questioned about his beliefs. Rather than answering all of the questions, Bazarov simply tells them all that he does not ‘believe’ in anything. But he does say that he gives close attention to science. This is because science gives him real facts.

After the meal, Bazarov asks some questions about the servant to Arkady. Arkady felt that the servant must be given special consideration. This is because he has had a difficult life. Arkady and Bazarov prepare to leave the farm. They talk about how awful the conditions of the farm are. They talk about a wide range of topics such as nature. Bazarov did not believe nature being a symbol of a temple. He preferred to call it a workshop that a person can learn in.

A few weeks after the young boys had left, Pavel grew to despise Bazarov. He thought he was a cynical, arrogant and insolent young man. The servant was the only other person who disliked Bazarov. Everybody else liked him.
Pavel found himself with an opportunity to talk to Bazarov about things. He wanted to clear things up with him. But he felt as though Bazarov was constantly tearing everything he said down.

Chapters 11 – 15

Once the talk with Bazarov was over, Nikolai felt even further away from his son. He began to dream about the good old days before Fenichka got him back to reality. Bazarov soon puts an idea to Nikolai. His idea was that they go and see Arkady’s uncle. He is a counselor for the closest town. Nikolai takes him up on

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