Moby-Dick Allusions

If there is one novel that possesses symbols and allusions, it’s Moby-Dick. Moby-Dick allusions are plentiful. This helps readers to connect and see things that they didn’t understand the first time around, maybe. Moby-Dick is a novel that can be argued as one of the greatest of all time. It has everything a reader needs to stay connected.

Moby-Dick is about a vicious white whale. It is a story told by Ishmael, who is a sailor telling the yarn of Captain Ahab who is on the quest for the white whale. It’s a story of man versus sea versus predator, an epic that is still read today.

We see Moby-Dick as the killer white whale who terrorizes the sea and all who encompass it, but what does Moby-Dick really mean to readers? It is said that the whale is a representation of evil; much like Frankenstein and other novel characters.

Evil is a tone set in the book very early. Something so big that can easily swallow something or somebody that isn’t should be regarded as evil. The whale’s evilness may also be a representation of the ocean/sea today as we don’t know everything about it.

The voyage that Ishmael is faced with can be a question of reality. Is he faced with the voyage or does he choose to do on his own? Fate plays a major role in Moby-Dick just as well as combat and the rise of war. He could opt out of the

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