• Year Published: 1605-1620.
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Don Quixote summary

Learning is always fun and exhilarating. You get to discover a different world from the one you are used to. It expands your horizon and enlightens you while challenging your mental capability. Learning is not without its challenges but a well-prepared student makes the most out of the experience. Our focus will be on the famous Spanish novel written by Miguel de Cervantes and originally titled ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’. This write-up will be solely on the Don Quixote summary.

The novel which was published in two volumes – one in 1605 and the other in 1615 is regarded as the most influential work of all time spanning from the Spanish Golden Age and its literary canon. It was one of the earliest canonical novels and serves as a founding work in the modern Western literature.

The first part of the novel:

Don Quixote’s first expedition

A look into Don Quixote summary tells of a middle-aged gentleman that came from La Mancha in central Spain. Moved by the chivalrous ideals he read from books, Quixote took it upon himself to take up the sword and lance to fight for the helpless who have been undergoing torment from the wicked strong men. He failed at the first attempt he made, but that did not deter him. He decided to embark on a second adventure in the company of Sancho Panza, a befuddled labourer of a kind that Quixote persuaded to be his companion as a faithful squire. Panza agreed mainly because Quixote promised him that he would make him a governor, which will also make him very wealthy. The astonishing thing is that Quixote denied himself of comfort, food, shelter because of Dulcinea del Toboso, a peasant woman that he regarded as a princess.

Don Quixote’s second expedition

Here Quixote forfeits being the saviour he was supposed to be and became a bandit. He stole and hurt citizens in what he perceived to be the preservation of his knighthood. In all of these, Panza stood by him and took the brunt of the consequences resulting from Quixote’s behaviour. At some point, Panza had to stand up to his master in an effort to correct his outlandish fantasies. The barber and the priest – Quixote’s two friends came and dragged him home with the conviction that Quixote was under an enchantment. This brought the first part of the novel and Quixote’s second expedition to an end.

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