Main Characters Analysis

Edmond Dantès

This character is the protagonist of the novel, who is portraying so many faces. At the beginning of the book, the Dantès is described as a loving, faithful and intelligent man. Later as the story continues, he is accused of a crime that he had not done, and this makes him turn to be a vengeful and bitter person. When the case is over, and he gets his freedom back with wealth around him, he decided to act as the agent of wisdom. He goes ahead and appreciates those who helped him in his case and punishes those who were against him.

Monsieur Morrel

Morrel is one of the kindest and trustworthy characters in the novel. He is a ship owner and had once employed Dantès in his firm. Morrel was a good and generous boss to Dantès. When Dantès was incarcerated, he tried all that he could to free him. He also tries to do all the best to ensure that Dantès father survives. He was a very kind person in The Count of Monte Cristo. When Dantès was been released, he realizes that his formal boss was about to collapse financially. Discovering this, Dantès, decided to pay back the good things that his old friend once deed to him. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Dantès comes up with a good and advanced plan to save Morrel’s property.

Abbé Faria

Faria is a pastor and an excellent thinker who was met in the prison by Dantès when he was jailed. After he met Dantès, he turns to be his intellectual dad during their stay in prison. He decided to teach Dantès many things that he had not learned in

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