• Year Published: 1879.
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Doll’s House Summary of Chapters. Acts 1 – 3

Act 1.

In Act 1, we see a family preparing for Christmas. They arrange for a Christmas tree to be bought in but the lady of the house wants her maid to hide the tree so that the rest of her family do not see it. The lady gives the person who brought the tree a very generous salary. She is aware that it is time to increase his salary. Soon after this scene, a couple of visitors arrive. Doctor Rank and a woman. The lady of the house knows that she has seen the woman before. Her name was Christine who has been a long time friend but they had not seen each other for a good decade.

Christine tells the lady of the house, whose name is Nora that she married her husband but she never loved him. She only married him so that she could be financially secure. She also had a disabled mother and young brothers that she needed to support because their mother died.
Christine appreciated Nora’s kindness to her. However, she said something that left Nora feeling judged. Nora had borrowed money from her husband but Christine informs her that she could not loan money to give others, from him without his permission.

Shortly after this, Nora’s children come in. Nora cheerfully plays with them all for a while. As she was playing with them, Krogstad arrived on scene. She was not expecting him to come. Nora sends her children away while she talks with him. She told him of her situation with Christine. He told her that the law did not care about people’s motives. He also gave her a stern warning to keep her relationship position with him.
After he leaves, Nora keeps herself busy. She decides to set the Christmas tree up. She also tried to come up with how she could please her husband. He wanted to know if she had any visitors but she says no. Her husband was rather harsh towards Krogstad. He judged him tremendously. Nora was not happy with this.

Act 2.

In Act 2, we see that Christmas day has arrived. The space around the Christmas tree was rather messy. But this was because there had been a celebration. Nora finds herself fretting about this situation. Soon after this, the nanny of her children comes into the room. She asked her what

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