A Doll’s House Metaphor Analysis

A Doll’s House is a play by Henrik Ibsen. It is a story about a husband and wife named Nora and Torvald Helmer, who seem like a happy couple enjoying a normal life while succumbing to the usual roles of a married couple in the 19th century.

The story started a quick turn after Nora tries to conceal her debt from her husband. Due to a series of interactions with other characters and after escaping a round of blackmails from a certain man named Krogstad, she manages to delay Torvald from knowing the truth about her situation.

Despite all her efforts, Torvald learns the truth and is outraged. He then vents out a series of angry outbursts which eventually left Nora hurt and shamed. The story ends with Nora bidding her husband and children farewell as she starts her journey towards independence.

A Doll’s House displays a tale of surrender and helplessness, to a position of power as Nora embarks on a mission of finding herself and defying the usual roles of women in the society. Overall, the play portrays plenty of metaphors, which present their own meanings and significance.

List of Metaphors Portrayed in the Story

The Tarantella dance

Taken after the Tarantula spider, the Tarantella dance is characterized by swift movements which causes the dancer to eventually experience exhaustion after exerting too much energy. The Tarantella dance is associated with Nora’s attitude to please her husband and submit to his whims and requests.


This is a term of endearment used by Torvald when calling Nora. Here, Torvald likens her to

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