Sister Carrie Main Characters Analysis

A great Novel that claimed the status of greatest of all American urban novels, Sister Carrie portrays an enigmatic story of a simple country girl who transforms herself into a famous actress. The novel by Theodore Dreiser enjoys a massive fan following even today. It is the first of a kind novel which shows the journey of a young girl from reaching from rags to reaches. The book received quite a positive review during its release and has been adapted for plays all over the world.

The novel presents an interesting ensemble of cast and characters. Let us find out what each of the characters was willing to showcase.

Carrie Meeber

She is the one that the story is all about. Starting from her initial inhibition at talking to strangers when she first boarded the train, to her transition to becoming a mistress and finally living her dreams as a famous movie star, she is the main protagonist. She shows her naivety when she steps out of her home for the first time to travel to Chicago, during the initial interaction with Drouet, displays her grit while living with her sister and eventually her ambition when she moved in with Drouet, and later Hurstwood and to the pinnacle of fame when she left Hurstwood.

Charlie Drouet

He is a salesman by profession and he has been nothing more than that in the story. He was intrigued by the simplicity and beauty of Carrie and took her out eventually. But as was his habit, he couldn’t stop bragging about her in public as if he is

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