Some stories can evoke a series of emotional output on a reader and the Canterbury Tales is not left out of this. The breadth of skill employed by Chaucer and his familiarity with many literary forms and techniques makes it a nice read. The Canterbury Tales has a fair share of metaphors used and this depicts the use of linguistic devices on point. The majestic persuades and subdued teachings by the metaphors play a critical part in the Tales. Metaphors play a key role in hiding the true intent of a writer at the same time evoking different reactions by readers.

Christianity and the Bible use.

The use of metaphors is heavily employed in this literary works though based on the New and Old Testament of the Bible. This is major because England, the then home of the author, was dominated by Christianity under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic church thus the numerous employment of the metaphors derived from the Bible. The nun better termed as prioress by the Roman Catholic enshrines her use of Virgin Mary metaphorically giving out more on her story and expression while in the Tale of Bath’s wife in intent to question the validity and authenticity of the Bible, the wife uses well-set illustrations from the Bible while making references. The use Saint Cecelia also depicts biblical derivations and added use of personalities attributed to the Christian way of life. Saint Cecilia depicts the use of saints and other post-biblical happenings used as metaphors. By doing so implies Chaucer’s respect for the Christian doctrine signified by the placement of more religious stories and biblical referencing.

Employment of legends and myths.emotional expression via mythologies has been present in the timelines of generations and thus Chaucer’s time was no exception. References drawn by the knights to Greek mythologies depicts the way an avid reader would apply emotions from the Greek and Roman mythologies to the emotional expression and ideologies to the Knights story.

Chaucer was a well-traveled and vast learned man.His exposure to newer works and foreign works made him employ them on his Canterbury Tales.Chaucer borrowed some portions and sometimes very large sections of his tales from earlier stories and his

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