• Year Published: 1826.
  • Pages: 336.

The Last of the Mohicans Summary of Chapters

Chapters 1-5

The first chapter starts where there is a battle between the English and the French who are living in the North America. In the second chapter is where we have Alice, who is the younger sister to Heyward. She sees a “specter” of an Indian right beside her, and she gets frightened. Her sister comforts her by telling her that the India was once an enemy to the English though now he was working as a jogger for the Canadian army. The third chapter; a commanding tone gets in the scene and adjusts it into one which is about two miles to the west. In the fourth chapter, the travelers meet each other on the track and Hawkeye does not hesitate to ask who were they. The travelers start asking Hawkeye questions about how far they were from Fort William Henry. The fifth chapter is where Duncan is joining the chase for the first time, and he meets other three gents. All of them sees some of Magua’s blood on the leaves though Hawkeye releases that he was alive. Later before the end of the chapter, Magua disappears from their hands.

Chapters 6-11

Chapter six; Those who are left behind by Magua as he escapes can notice that Mohicans have managed to hide in their undisclosed refuge, which was a cave in the waterfalls hidden by a blanket. In chapter seven, the party rushes out of the cave after Hawkeye trusting that they had heard the worries of the warning. In chapter eight, just prior dawn, the Iroquois fights with flicks and the helical Gamut. In chapter nine, we find that Coral, Alice, Heyward, and the wounded Gamut teamed-up together in the deepest corner of the cavern and waits for their capture. In chapter ten, despite the fact that Hurons had pledged to murder Heyward, they changed their mind are incarcerated him for interrogations. In chapter eleven, Heyward makes another attempt of altering Magua’s mind and get him to support them.

Chapter 12-20

In chapter twelve there is a fight between Hurons and Hawkeye together with Mohicans. In Chapter Thirteen, the whole convoy moves to an abandoned blockhouse in which Hawkeye and Chingachgook can win the war after many years. In chapter fourteen, the party walks barefooted

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