• Year Published: 1954.
  • Pages: 251.

The Lord Of The Flies Summary of Chapters

Chapter 1-3

It begins with a group of English schoolboys alone on an island, having been aboard a plane that was shot down. Ralph, with Piggy, blows on a conch shell and the sound causes the boys to assemble on the beach. Among the group is a boys’ choir, lead by Jack. The boys vote to elect Ralphie leader, to Jack’s displeasure. To appease Jack, Ralph assigns the choir boys the role of hunters, with Jack as their leader. Ralphie, Jack, and Simon (another choir boy) explore the island.

During the boys’ explorations, they determine that those pigs inhabit the island. After returning to the group the boys create rules, with the conch shell acting as a symbol of power. A small boy cries that he has seen a monster, but is reassured by the older boys that it was a dream.

Ralphie attempts to organize the boys toward the goal of rescue and devises a plan centering on creating fire on the mountain. The plan quickly unravels, with the boys not taking their tasks seriously. Piggy, an unpopular boy, is vocal in his disdain for the group’s disorganization.

Jack pursues hunting but is unsuccessful. Ralphie and Simon, also unsuccessful in building shelters become annoyed with the other boys, who are all playing. When Jack returns from hunting Ralph complains to Jack, accusing him of using hunting as an excuse to avoid work. Meanwhile, Simon explores the island alone. He helps the small boys (referred to as the littluns) pick fruit and finds a peaceful meadow.

Chapter 4-6

Routine fall over the island. The littluns are plagued with visions of the beast. Jack successfully kills a pig during a hunting expedition; meanwhile Piggy and Ralphie fail to capture the attention of a boat after the signal fire goes out. When Jack returns from hunting he, Ralph and Piggy argue about priorities. Jack slaps Piggy, breaking his glasses. While Jack accepts blame for the fire he does not apologize to Piggy; the three boys become estranged.

In an attempt to reassert control over the group Ralphie assembles the boys and lectures them about adhering to rules. The older boys reassure the littluns that there is no beast; the lilluns remain unconvinced. Jack proclaims that he will kill the beast and leads all the boys away from Ralph, Simon, and Piggy.

At night a pilot is shot down over the island. His body is seen by two boys who mistake it for the beast. After telling the others

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