• Year Published: 1818.
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Frankenstein: Summary of Chapters

Chapters 1 to 3

In the first chapter, Victor Frankenstein provides his parental background, informing the reader that his father looked up an old friend only to discover his friend’s orphaned daughter in an impoverished state. He took her home and married her, leading to Victor’s birth. Later, while Victor’s mother is traveling through Italy, she adopts Elizabeth – who grows up to become Victor’s playmate.

The author (Mary Shelley) dedicates chapter 1 to Victor’s love for alchemy and science. On seeing a tree destroyed by electricity, his passion for power grows.

In chapter 3, Right before Victor departs for Ingolstadt to further his education, his mother passes away – with the dying wish that Victor should marry Elizabeth. After the funeral, Victor leaves to Ingolstadt, where he meets M. Waldman and M. Kempf.

Chapters 4 to 7

Victor spends a year gathering various human body parts from the deceased to discover the essence of life. His chief ambition is to build an 8-foot tall human creature. While working on the project, he invariably neglects his health and family.

In chapter 5, Victor takes the parts collected from graveyards and charnel houses and joins them together. He also combines electricity with the essence of life only to be disgusted by the final appearance of his monster. He abandons the creature and goes on a stroll when he bumps into Henry – who is newly arrived in town – and falls ill for several months.

Over the course of Chapter 6, Elizabeth writes to Victor begging for a letter back. In the letter, she informs her adoptive brother that Justine Moritz has come to stay in the Frankenstein household.

On receiving news of the murder of brother (William), Victor returns home. Before his arrival, he spends the night in a neighboring town. Battling insomnia, he decides to go out for a walk when he chances upon the monster – who he later realizes murdered his brother.

He decides to keep the news to himself fearing that people would think he has gone crazy. When he gets home, he discovers that Justine is the prime suspect in the murder. Justine has already confessed to the crime, so Victor does not say anything about his monster.

Chapters 8 to 11 

While Frankenstein pleads for Justine’s release and acquittal, Victor is silent on the issue. Victor also grieves the unfortunate turn of events and even contemplates committing suicide. He continues living in fear – particularly concerned about any future harm the monster may visit upon his family.

The monster approaches Victor while he is on top of a mountain and requests a meeting. He acquiesces to the request, and the two spend the next several chapters in conversation. In chapter 11, the monster catches Frankenstein up on everything that has been happening.


Chapters 12 to 15

The interview between Victor and the monster continues

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