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The Island of Dr. Moreau Summary of Chapters

No one can play God

The “Island of Dr. Moreau” was written in 1986 by Herbert Wells and is now considered as a classics of science fiction. Some people say it is a horror story (especially those who read it in childhood) and some say it is a scientific novel. In the center of the novel is the genius scientist, who crossed the line between what is beastly and what is humanly. So, this is the story of a shipwrecked Edward Prendick who miraculously survived and found himself on a strange “lost” island. There are many unknown and terrible creatures on the island – semi-human and semi-animals. And the owner of the island – Dr. Moreau – “reigns” over them and, moreover, creates them. A lot of terrible adventures are waiting for an unexpected guest. We will live through them in Island of Dr. Moreau Summary of Chapters.

Chapters 1-5. Here readers become acquainted with the main hero Edward Prendick. He is a historian who leaves London in pursuit of adventures. His ship “Lady Vain” wreckes and he finds himself along with other 2 guys on a boat. These guys die and he is ready to follow them, but he sees another ship… He wakes up on the board of another ship headed by a drunkard. His savior is a biology student from London, Montgomery. He left London for unknown reasons and now is heading to the unknown island and brings animals with him. He also has a servant who looks quite strange and scary. Montgomery is surrounded by mystery! When the time comes for him to go ashore, the captain kicks Edward out. But Montgomery doesn’t want him so the guy is left to the will of fate again…

Chapters 6-10. Montgomery pities Edward and saves him again. On the island, they are met by a crowd along with a grey-haired man who appears to be doctor Moreau who fled from England many years ago when the nature of his monstrous experiments was revealed. During lunch, Edward hears cries of the animal brought by Montgomery, puma, and realizes that she is being dissected. He runs away and comes across strangely disfigured creature: semi-human and semi-animals. He runs away again looking for the enclosure and meets Montgomery. There he falls asleep, but the next day questions bother him. “Who are these creatures?”, “What does the doctor do with them?”. He decides to check Dr. Moreau’s rooms and finds a bandaged creature covered in blood. Prendick understands that all his previous problems were nothing comparing to this one.

Chapters 11-15. Prendick assumes that he will be dissected too by the doctor and decides to escape. He finds one of the creatures he previously saw and it shows him the settlement where all these creatures live. Edward is shocked to see that they look like animals but can think logically and even mumble something. They consider themselves men and Moreau their God and live according to his laws. He even becomes friends with them. Soon he hears Moreau and Montgomery and runs for his life. They chase him down in the sea where the doctor explains Edward the nature of his work. He says that he has never hurt people, he only tried to humanize animals and pain they experience during the transformation is nothing. Surprisingly to himself, Edward agrees on many points with the doctor and returns to the lodging. He thinks a lot about what he has seen and even finds something in common between these creatures and people he knows.

Chapters 16-22. In the last chapters, things get wild. When walking around the island, Montgomery and Prendick find a dead rabbit, savagely killed by someone. According to the laws set by Moreau, creatures are not allowed to kill and eat flesh. Someone broke that law and it is a very bad sign. The doctor summons all creatures and finds the killer. But this is not the only bad news. The puma who was tortured in the beginning of the narrative manages to escape. The doctor chases her and dies. Since he was the only one whom animals abide, the control was weakened and their beastly side started to take over. Montgomery gets drunk instead of trying to escape and gets killed. Edward is left one on one with animals. Soon afterward the fate spares him. He finds a boat in which he safely sails to London. He returns back to normal life, but he will never be normal again.


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