The Island of Dr. Moreau Symbols

Written by H.G. Wells, the Island of Doctor Moreau, is a science fiction novel that still captivates reader to this day. This novel is read for pleasure and taught in schools due to the imagery. Although the base of the novel deals with a man who has been shipwrecked, there is a lot of imagery and symbolism within the text.

When we think of symbols, we think of shapes and not words creating inanimate objects. Symbols are created in many texts which give a reader a sense of imagery they can relate to or create in their minds. This is what makes most novels interesting.

The actual island itself is the Island of Doctor Moreau is symbolistic for society. The island is used to describe, as well as define, culture, and mankind. Society and culture are the main undertones hidden within this novel.

Many can argue that a fictional island cannot depict society as it defines isolation more so, but a fictional island where the main character is dropped can create a societal picture for its readers as he learns something new that will redefine him.

In the Island of Doctor Moreau, it can be said that we, mankind, are the beast folk. There is an evolution theory located in the text which derives from the “beasts”. We are all evolved, some say, from primates which possess human-like features and attributes.

The Beast Folk can also be said to be symbols as they can describe human emotion. Beasts, to most of us, are evil and portray hatred just like some humans can. Beasts are also known to be untamable. This is how they are portrayed in most novels and always reverting to old ways.

What most readers have a hard time seeing is the allegory of religion. There is a hint of religion in the Island of Doctor Moreau such as the laws regarding the Beast Folk. Laws are created to govern individuals just as modern day society.

As we see our laws different from the laws governing the Beast Folk in the Island of Doctor Moreau, we also know that there has to be something that keeps them from destroying one another let alone the rest of mankind.

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