• Year Published: 16 October 1847.
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Jane Eyre Summary

Jane Eyre is a novel which tells the story of a orphan girl. Young Jane is being raised by her aunt, Mrs Reed, which turn to be pretty hostile towards her. Their relationship is a very tensed one, and Jane is often punished by her aunt. Her only friend was a servant, who was often showing gestures of kindness, spending time with Jane or telling her stories. The main plot of the novel begins, when Mrs Reed decides to send the young Jane to a school.

The Lowood School

The life at this school will be a little different than what Jane was hoping for. The headmaster of this school is a very abusive person, which is spending the school funds for personal purposes. At Lowood, Jane makes another best friend, the young Helen Burns. Not long after, a typhus epidemic starts inside the Lowood School. Helen gets sick and soon after, she dies. However, the headmaster was found guilty for this epidemic and he was later dismissed. After that, Jane’s life at Lowood School significantly improves. She stays as a student here for another 6 years, and after that, she starts teaching.  

Mr Rochester

After 2 years of teaching at Lowood School, Jane wants to make a change in her life. That’s why she accepts to work as a governess at a big manor. She was responsible for teaching Adele, a young French girl. The owner of the manor, Mr Rochester, has a passion for Jane and not long after, she falls in love with him too. After some time, Rochester asks Jane to marry him and she accepts.

The Wedding

During the wedding day, when the wedded pair was about to exchange their vows, something crucial happens. A certain man appears, saying that the wedding has to be stopped because Mr Rochester already has a wife. That man was the brother of Rochester’s wife, Bertha and he claims that the two got married in Jamaica, many years ago. Surprisingly, Mr Rochester doesn’t deny that and says that he had to leave his wife because she went mad. They all return to the manor, where they found Bertha screaming and behaving like an animal. Rochester hides Bertha, in order to keep her under control. This is the moment when Jane realises that she can never be with Rochester, so she leaves Thornfield.

The Decadence And Rise

Jane finds herself with no money and no place to sleep. She even has to beg for food and she sleeps outside. Eventually, three of her siblings find her and take her in their manner.See full document

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