Symbolic Meanings in Brave New World

Brave New World prompts of the insecurity giving the state to control over innovative, powerful and latest technologies. This theme manages the unusual and inflexible reproduction through medical and technological intervention, including the oophorectomy i.e., removing the ovaries through surgery, hypnopaedic conditioning, and the Bokanovsky Process. For world state’s stability, it also controls the manufacturing of problematical entertaining machines. Its objective is to create machines that could have both the high levels of production and consumption and risk-free leisure. State, in this regard, plays a significant role by using the science to build technology that creates a happy, seamless, superficial world.


Soma is a condition of pleasantly hallucinate, euphoric and narcotic. It’s questionably the greatest tool that the government has to control its population. It is a tool of tranquility, serenity, anesthetizing and most essentially distracting a person unable to feel what’s going on in its surroundings as everyone is fascinated by happiness. And there are some unbreakable chains. It is usually said that soma is Christianity with no tear. Well, as we all know that soma is a narcotic that permits its users to be controlled. Brave New World is of the opinion that Christianity plays role in the same fashion to restraint it through pacification. It also offers calm and comfort, but at the cost of individuality. What do you say?


Have you noticed the World State, all the attires, and clothing have zippers on it? Since in this case you haven’t, “zip,” “zip,” is often repeated followed by “zip! This is as smooth as it notes: zippers = accessible. It is a wonder that in this world of instantaneous pleasure; buttons cause people to drop valuable seconds of nudity and nakedness. If it is not enough, you may say figure out the technology-infused falsification of sex, the sterilization of passions, and the monotonous, rhythmic, sound of the zippers. Is it or not?


As we are discussing what connection sex and violence in the Brave New World has. There is no denying that sex and violence are interlinked as all the aggression is indistinctly sexual, all the sex distantly brutal. Music comes in this category

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