Perfume: The Story of a Murderer symbols


Obsession: The power of obsession is unimaginable and can take you to any extremities. Grenouille is obsessed with producing the best perfume in the world. He never gets smoothened for kindness or love. He maintains to keep him less noticed by preferring to stay in caves until he attains his work. Grenouille kills many people without having a second thoughts. His quench for finding the perfect Perfume becomes the only goal of his life.

Hunt: Hunting never ends until you die. Your hunger never dies so is the hunting to feed your hunger. Grenouille realizes that the scent can mold the human thought process and make them act or react according to the power of aroma. Grenouille begins his hunting for the perfect scent to captivate the people mind.

Human: Humans are the most magnetic symbols of earth that have been very well portrayed in this film from the beginning. From love to death, humans play a very vital role in Grenouille’s life from his mom to the girl who gave the best-scented perfume.

Hormones: The power of hormonal reactions that generate the odor in the human body is highlighted. Hormones can be ephemeral but Grenouille knows that and aims to seize the ephemeral hormone at the right at its best moments of its life. Hence he chooses the virgin red haired girls who symbolize the innocence and naïve character.

Virginity and Young girls: Young girls has the whole fruit of feminine power in them. Virgin girls have a superior caliber with unearthed beauty resting in them. They contain the purest form of smell. Grenouille understands this and captures the red-haired young virgin females in his plot. However, Grenouille’s plan takes a deadly dark turn when the news of murders of 12 young females outbreaks the city and the parents lock up their daughters inside the home.

Human Skin: We all know that the largest organ in the human body is the skin but

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