Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Allusions


Perfume is a classic novel with more than forty-eight translations in different languages. The novel was on the top of the best seller list for quite a long time period. The hidden symbols in the story revolve around the human spirit, communication, and scents human carry.


There are many allusions used in this novel which is mentioned below.


Firstly let me explain what allusions are.

Allusions: An allusion is regarded as a figure of speech; authors use to make a reference to a person, event or a place. A reference can be made to the past as well as to the current scenarios. It can refer to historical events, fiction, religious manuscripts or folklore etc.


Allusions and Analysis:

The odor of Amor and Psyche: This allusion expresses the main theme of the novel. Odors possess the power to persuade more than the words. The aggressive power of order cannot be ignored. The odor of a person affects others more than any other stimulus. It is quite necessary to consider this idea if the person reading is to agree that it was nothing but the odor of the young girls who Grenouille murdered. I was not their attitudes, personalities, voices and appearances that made them charming or desirable.


To be possessed by the devil: This was the first signal in the novel that Grenouille possessed no personal fragrance. This allusion also indicates an existing idea of the people residing in Paris at the time Grenouille was born.


Hell smelled of sulfur

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