The Last Leaf Characters

“The Last Leaf’ published back in 1907 is a masterpiece from O. Henry that depicts typical William Sydney Porter style of work. The name of the novel itself is confusing but it’s the symbol of “hope”. As the story progresses it has tried to empower a person to fight against death. Throughout the story, the writer has used the epithet, simile, zeugma, comparison, irony and several other lexical devices to empower love, passion, and hope. There is misbelieve and realization regarding life that has made it a masterpiece. Main living characters of this story were, Sue, Johnsy and Mr. Behrman and Doctor and a nonliving character Mr. Pneumonia.


Sue is a loving and caring friend who always takes care of Johnsy. Sue by herself is a young artist and being one of the best friends of Johnsy, always takes care of her. Sue has always provided mental strength to Johnsy. While Jonhsy is always captured by the thought of dying due to pneumonia, Sue sees the positive side out of it and always convinces Johnsy that thinking about death is a sin. Sue is a symbol of optimism in the story. She is a symbol of friendship and sacrifice – two most virtues of life.


Johnsy is another main character in this short story. Johnsy has been suffering from pneumonia for several days. When she met with Sue, they started a discussion about death. Johnsy used to believe, like the last leaf of the vine tree, her life is on the verge to fall. She has told Sue if any day rain comes; then as the last leaf of this vine tree will fall, she will die too. The author depicts the

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